Integrated Solutions

Optimal software is your ability to connect the front end, channel and back end of your business software system in a manner which guarantees the right controls, reports and outcomes to allow you to manage your company at a “literal” push of a button from anywhere on earth.

Geographical Integration

Connect your company regardless of where your branch or head office operates.

System Integration

WeDifferent branches or departments using different software systems? We integrate with all and any of your current software systems, connect CRM, Payment, HR and any other systems to form a complete solution.

Control Integration

Once all systems and braches are connected the question of security comes up.

We build in security systems and control systems, through password access only chosen people will have access to certain information on your system, you get to choose who can see or use what.

Reporting Integration

Limitless reporting on anything you may need and more. Correlated branch reports.

No more excel spreadsheets!

Web Integration

Why limit yourself?

Imagine incorporating your business on the internet!

Access controls and reports from anywhere in the world at anytime.

Payment Options We WILL fit your budget!

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